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International Bank of Azerbaijan

Touristclick Azerbaijan Travel News

International Bank of Azerbaijan

by Azerbaijan Business Center

The International Bank of Azerbaijan (IBA), one of the country’s largest banks, has introduced another novelty for its clients.

The IBA reported of quite a new project prepared jointly with domestic leading cellular operator Azercell Telecom JV.

“Now our clients will be able to pay public utility services (gas, electricity, watersupply, etc), and Azercell and Bakcell mobile services through their mobile phones. For this it is needed only to load a certain module on mobile phone holder’s number (SIM card),” the IBA informed.

At the same time the mobile subscriber should not need to use two numbers. It will be enough to make a duplicate of SIM card on which a required module is loaded.

The project promises to be successful taking into account that country’s every second citizen is a mobile phone holder.

Today Azerbaijan is numbering 49.2 mobile phones per 1000 people and cellular operators have registered 4.2 million numbers (major share of them falls on Azercell - over 2.8 million subscribers; Bakcell – more than 1 million ones; Narmobile - over 300,000).

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