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Azerbaijan claims for keeping

Touristclick Azerbaijan Travel News

Azerbaijan claims for keeping

by Azerbaijan Business Center

The State Commission on Azerbaijan Membership to World Trade Organization has been in session.

The Ministry of Economic Development of Azerbaijan informed that the session considered single form and proposals for customs tariffs for WTO, status for which the country will claim for (a developing or a developed state), sectoral suggestions and issues of rural subsidies.

Heydar Babayev, the minister of economic development, stressed the course of legislative reform on the WTO standards, preparing of answers to the WTO member countries’ questions and significance of negotiation process fastening.

At the same time it was indicated that status of a developed state will allow Azerbaijan to keep 10% (of produced output) level of agriculture subsidizing.

At present level of rural subsidizing ranges 14% up to 18%. Since 1997 Azerbaijan has been a WTO observer and this December it would like to conduct the 5th round of multilateral negotiations about full membership conditions.

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Azerbaijan Travel news

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