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Arizona Travel News

Take a time to explore our Arizona travel News section before you travel to Arizona.

Touristclick Arizona Travel news

Palin Goes to Arizona
Cindy McCain will also join the Palin plane in Ohio and travel with the GOP Vice-Presidential nominee to her Arizona home. Mark Wallace is also closely ...Oct 2008

Sparano Speaks With Media About Arizona
I think that’s important; distractions meaning the travel, all of those things. And then all of the sudden, getting into a different environment with crowd ...Sep 2008

Judge Snipes can travel abroad for movies
Federal judge William Terrell Hodges on Wednesday approved the actor's motion to travel to London and Bangkok, Thailand. Snipes will be in England about ... Jul 2008

Fuel Cost And Weak Economy Holiday Travel
For the first time in a decade, AAA is predicting fewer people will travel this Fourth of July. You can probably guess why: gas prices. ... Jul 2008

Gas prices curtail Fourth of July travel plans
A new poll shows that nearly one third of Americans are adjusting their Fourth of July weekend plans because of sky-high gas prices ... Jul 2008

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Arizona Travel news

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