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Angola Travel News
Take a time to explore our Angola travel News section before you travel to Angola

Touristclick Angola Travel News

OLYMPICS INSIDER: No wilting by Angola in defeat
But when the players and coaches travel home after the games, they at least can say LeBron, Kobe, etc., had to sweat for the win. Angola's last lead was ...Aug 2008

WTO throws Angola a lifeline
will outline strategies on how the World Tourism Organisation may help in the training of staff, above all those working in hotels and travel agencies. ...Aug 2008

Angola aim to give China the elbow
You can travel around the country safely, which used to be impossible." Almeida recalls watching the United States' "Dream Team" destroy Angola 116-48 on ...Aug 2008

Road to Angola: Cranes must be motivated
With Angola and Benin picking maximum points in Niger, there will be little reason to be worried of the Mena. But Sekagya and Kizito must travel. ...Jul 2008

Angola: Diplomat Highlights
Angola's economic growth over the last years and the government's efforts towards the improvement of people's living conditions have been highlighted by the ...Nov 2007

Angola: President Dos Santos
Angolan head of State, José Eduardo dos Santos Thursday in Luanda accredited four new ambassadors, in separate ceremonies held at the meeting hall of the ...Nov 2007

Angola: Italy Eyes Revitalisation
Cooperation ties between the governments of Angola and of Italy in the territory organisation field might be revitalised soon, announced Thursday, ...Nov 2007

Angola: Cote d'Ivoire Outgoing
The Government of Côte d'Ivoire Thursday in Luanda reiterated its gratitude and recognition for Angola's contribute to the resolution of the political ...Nov 2007

Angola: New Airport Works Delayed
Angolan Transports minister, André Luís Brandão, Thursday in Luanda told the Parliament that the works of construction of the new airport, in the locality ...Nov 2007


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Angola Travel news

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