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Angola: President Dos Santos

Touristclick Angola Travel News

Angola: President Dos Santos


Angolan head of State, José Eduardo dos Santos Thursday in Luanda accredited four new ambassadors, in separate ceremonies held at the meeting hall of the Presidential Palace.

The diplomats are Daniel Dargent, of Belgium, Ajjampur Rangaiah Ghanashyam, of India, Bernd Max Morast, Germany, and Serguey Vasilevitch Nemachev, of Russia, who in four years will represent their respective countries to Angola.

Daniel Dargent, the first to hand over his credentials , has a degree in International Relations and Public Administration, having worked in Gabon, while his Indian counterpart, Ajjampur Ghanashyam has already worked as the consul in New York, among other diplomatic duties.

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Bernd Max Morast was ambassador to Burundi and to Mauritania, having held the post of director of the office of the Federal Chancellor of Germany.

Serguey Vasilevitch Nemachev, born in 1947, has a degree in Foreign Relations and worked for Russia's diplomatic missions to Mali, Burkina Fasso, Cameroon and Senegal. His last post was of ambassador to Congo Brazzaville.

On Wednesday, president José Eduardo dos Santos also accredited another four ambassadors. They were Vladimir Války, of Czech Republic, Piotr Mysliwiec, Poland, Francis Blondet, France and Alla Eldin Mohamed Kashef, Egypt.


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Angola Travel news

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