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Angola: Cote d'Ivoire Outgoing

Touristclick Angola Travel News

Angola: Cote d'Ivoire Outgoing


Cote d'Ivoire's outgoing ambassador received by Angolan premier, Fernando Dias dos Santos

The Government of Côte d'Ivoire Thursday in Luanda reiterated its gratitude and recognition for Angola's contribute to the resolution of the political crisis that hit that country and to the process of its total normalisation.

This was transmitted to the Angolan prime minister, Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos, by Cote d'Ivoire's outgoing ambassador to Angola, Anne Tatret Gnahouret.

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According to the diplomat, Angola played a relevant role for her country to overcome the politico-military crisis it plunged into in 2002, exactly at a time it (Angola) had just achieved peace.

This help, she recalled, continues to be noted at international meetings organised for the full pacification of the country, alike at the African Summit of Heads of State and Government held in Accra (Ghana), in 2005.

During the audience that served for her to say bye-bye, at the end of her six years mission in Angola, Anne Gnahouret said she also discussed with the premier the state of cooperation between the two countries, especially in the domain of Internal Order. Anne Tatret Gnahouret will soon be accredited as ambassador to Mexico. Her susbstitute in Angola is still unknown.


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Angola Travel news

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