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Algeria: Bridging the Digital Divide

Touristclick Algeria Travel News

Algeria: Bridging the Digital Divide


Algerian minister of posts and telecommunications Mr Boujemaa Haichour has reaffirmed Algerira's commitment to the work that needs to be done to bridge the digital divide.

Haichour was speaking during the meeting of the Solidarity Fund in Geneva to discuss the fund?s role in developing countries, notably Africa.

He called for more international adherence and support to the fund as the gap is widening. He underlined that the ICT situation is worrying in many places in the continent as they are under equipped with PCs, mobile telephones and internet access is also very costly.

He urged the international community to keep its and implement the Tunis Summit?s recommendations with more dynamism and establish an inclusive, universal and transparent information society.

The minister also alluded to the 'Connect Africa' Summit held in Kigali in October 2007 where a decision to improve ICT developments, reinforce the ongoing connectivity efforts in Africa and enable the creation of favourable environments for foreign investment in the ICT sector. African leaders meeting at the Kigali summit also resolved to bring forward the digital migration process to 2012 instead of 2015 as stipulated by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

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Haichour also highlighted key achievements of present ICT policy in Algeria. He said the country now has a robust and vast network consisting of a 28 000 km optic fiber cable, with a 44 000 km hertzian fibres and 2 000 km of international submarine connections.

In addition there is a telephone network with a rollout of 3 200 000 land lines (9,6%) and 25 million of mobile phone subscribers (75%). The country, sums up the minister, has a high ICT penetration rate in Africa.

He concluded by stating that the Algeria has set up a plural e-committee to promote e-Algeria in the world.


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