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Albania welcomes Iranian

Touristclick Albania Travel News

Albania welcomes Iranian


A group of Iranian companies which attended Tirana's 14th international exhibition have received a warm welcome from Albanian visitors.

According to Iran's embassy in Tirana during the five day exhibition several Albanian political figures and members of parliament visited Iranian pavilions, IRNA reported.

Head of Albania's parliamentary foreign policy committee, Preç Zogaj, also visited the Iran's sites. Expressing his delight over Iran's first apearance at the Albania's Expo Klick fair, the MP said Iran is a great country with rich culture and considerable economic potentials.

He then pointed out Iranian companies' significant progress in industry and hoped for further bolstering bilateral ties based on the two nations' mutual economic interests.

The report issued by Iran's embassy also mentioned that the Albanian media covered Iran's presence extensively and conveyed Iranian companies' willingness to boost their commercial activities in that country.

Albania located in southeastern Europe is a parliamentary democracy which is a potential candidate for membership in the European Union and NATO. The country is currently transforming its economy into a market-oriented system.

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Albania Travel news

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