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United Kingdom Travel News

Touristclick United Kingdom Travel news

Biometrics to speed travel between UK and US

by ZDNet UK

Fingerprint, iris and facial-recognition technology will be used to speed up frequent travellers' journeys through immigration control, as part of a UK-US agreement for a fast-travel option for trusted travellers going between the countries.

The agreement is aimed at boosting business travel. Borders and immigration minister Liam Byrne revealed the agreement on Wednesday.

The government said the deal will build on the success of the Iris scheme (Iris Recognition Immigration System) for trusted travellers, which enables registered passengers to enter the UK without queuing, following an eye scan.

More than 200,000 people have already enrolled in the scheme and it has been used more than one million times since its launch in March 2006.

Iris-enrolment stations and gates are available at all five Heathrow terminals, as well as at Birmingham, Gatwick and Manchester airports.

Byrne said in a statement: "Speedy travel between the UK and the US is crucial to large financial organisations."


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