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Taiwan launches campaign to attract Muslim tourists

Touristclick Taiwan Travel News

Taiwan launches campaign to attract Muslim tourists

By Earthtimes

Taipei - Taiwan has launched a tourism campaign aimed at the world's 1.3 billion Muslims, the island's Tourism Bureau said Tuesday. Tourism officials have hosted seminars for Taiwan travel agents, attended the Arab Travel Fair in Dubai, printed brochures for Muslim travellers and are now inviting Muslim travel agents and travel reporters to visit.

In July, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau invited a Malaysian TV crew to to produce a 13-part programme introducing the island to Malaysian Muslims, and also invited reporters from two Malaysian travel magazines to visit Taiwan's attractions.

On Wednesday, 16 travel agents from Malaysia and Singapore will arrive in Taiwan for a six-day tour to visit Taiwan's scenic spots, mosques and Muslim restaurants, the bureau said, with another group of Singaporean travel agents due to arrive next week.

Taiwan's 23-million-strong population is 64 per cent Buddhist, with 60,000 native Muslims as well as 150,000 Muslim workers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. The island has six mosques.

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