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Quality assurance efforts for Taiwan rours

Touristclick Taiwan Travel News

Quality assurance efforts for Taiwan rours


New rules to regulate visits from mainland groups to Taiwan are set to take effect on Friday. As Niu Yun explains, these aim to guarantee that tourists do not spend more than is necessary, and that they get exactly what they pay for.

Under the new rules, guides on both sides are not allowed bring tourists on extra-sightseeing tours without explicit consent. If they do, the guides themselves will have to bear the extra expense. And agencies have to pay a fine if they coerce tourists into buying items they do not want. Tour agencies are also required to help customers get compensation if they buy counterfeit goods bought in Taiwan. Meanwhile, Taiwan's Travel Quality Assurance Association is also mounting efforts to safeguard the interests of mainland tourists.

The first mainland tourist groups to Taiwan have already returned home. And some have complained about their experience saying they did not get proper receipts and quality certificates for their purchases.

Taiwan's Travel Quality Assurance Association has asked travel agencies to take mainland tourists to shops registered to the association saying this will make it easier to help customers get compensation, if they are dissatisfied with goods bought in these shops. At present, over 161 shops in Taiwan have made the grade set by the organization. Meanwhile, a 24-hour hotline and a website have been launched for all complaints.


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