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Taiwan Travel News
Take a time to explore our Taiwan travel News section before you travel to Taiwan.

Touristclick Taiwan Travel News

Cultural agency plans regular performances to boost local tourism‎

... and also to help boost local tourism, Sheng said. The CCA is also considering incorporating the performance schedules into travel itineraries prepared ... 28 Dec 2009

US-Taiwan fares to fall
Passengers traveling to Taiwan from the US can expect to save between $128 and $320 on airline tickets by the end of August, according to The China Post. ...Aug 2008

Taiwan launches campaign to attract Muslim tourists
Tourism officials have hosted seminars for Taiwan travel agents, attended the Arab Travel Fair in Dubai, printed brochures for Muslim travellers and are now ...Aug 2008

Soroptimists travel to Taiwan for convention
The theme of the Taiwan convention was "Sharing Good Fortune." The idea of being thankful for your good fortune and passing that along to others in need is ...Aug 2008

Quality assurance efforts for Taiwan rours
Tour agencies are also required to help customers get compensation if they buy counterfeit goods bought in Taiwan. Meanwhile, Taiwan's Travel Quality ...Jul 2008

Taiwan, Asia's underrated destination
Taiwan, often overshadowed by China, its much bigger neighbor across the strait, is one of the most underappreciated Asian travel destinations. ...Jul 2008

First pet tour sets off on Taiwan trip
It was the start of the first group train travel for pet owners and their animals since the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) launched a three-month ...Jul 2008

Taiwan picks smoky to play Hewitt in cup
TAIWAN has pulled a selection surprise in a desperate attempt to upset Australia in this weekend's Davis Cup play-off in Kaohsiung. Taiwan captain Yu-Hui ...

Taiwan's diplomat George Chan to the Solomons, says it's important that women are given the chance to travel and to see the world, rather than just look..

Asia's space tigers bare their teeth
India, South Korea and Taiwan are preparing to join in. This race is largely driven by what scholars call "techno-nationalism". ...

International Travel Fair to be held at Taipei...

India, South Korea and Taiwan are preparing to join in. This race is largely driven by what scholars call "techno-nationalism". ..

Taiwan is 'Asia's Best-kept Secret,...
By Edwin Hsiao The National Geographic Traveler, a popular travel magazine in the United States, published a special report to introduce Taiwan's diverse ...

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Taiwan Travel news

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