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Cultural agency plans regular performances to boost local tourism

Touristclick Taiwan Travel News

Cultural agency plans regular performances to boost local tourism

By Chen Shou-gow and Y.L. Kao
December 28th, 2009

Kaohsiung, Dec. 28 (CNA) The Council for Cultural Affairs will work with local governments and groups to stage performances on a regular basis around Taiwan over the next six months to appeal to tourists visiting Taiwan, CCA Minister Emile Sheng said Monday.

The CCA devised the plan in part to stimulate local cultural and creative industries, which have been designated as one of six emerging sectors for priority development, and also to help boost local tourism, Sheng said.

The CCA is also considering incorporating the performance schedules into travel itineraries prepared by local travel agencies for inbound tourists to enable them to visit Taiwan's popular tourist destinations and enjoy performances staged by local groups at the same time, Sheng added.

He said he plans to make programs with local characteristics -- to be provided by various city and county governments -- part of the activities for the 100th anniversary celebrations of the Republic of China in 2011 and show visitors from home and abroad Taiwan's cultural power.

Meanwhile, to grab more international attention, the agency is also planning to transform the government-funded Formosa festival activities, which have been staged separately by various cities and counties around the country, into a bigger, national festival that combines tourism, arts and travel, Sheng added.

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