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Travel to Stockholm, Sweden

Touristclick Sweden Travel News

Travel to Stockholm, Sweden


Stockholm carries a long history, much of which is much clouded. It was founded in the thirteenth century and the word Stockholm actually means Log Islet because many of the old buildings have a foundation of poles to carry the structures.

The Old City is located on a lake right between the northern and southern city areas. This Old City area has some of the oldest buildings and cobblestone streets dating back to the thirteenth century. This is also the home of the Swedish Royal palace but those who travel here need not knock on the door as the royalties do not live here anymore. leather cleaning narrow alleyways are crowded with tourists during the summer where there are a lot of gift shops, cafés and restaurants. If you travel here around Christmas be sure not to miss the cosy atmosphere at the Christmas market which takes place during December in Stortorget.

Just south of the Old City is the city district of Sodermalm which is also an island and is connected to other parts by several bridges. This used to be an agricultural area before the seventeenth century with mostly working class houses. It has nowadays become known not as a slum but a chique and fashionable place for entertainment professional upholstery cleaning to live with its wide range of cafés, restaurants and bars. If you travel here try to spend at least a day here walking down Gotgatan from north to south or vice versa and enjoy the sites. The magnificent view of the Stockholm skyline from the rocky high part of northern Sodermalm should not to be missed.

The north western city district is an island called Kungsholmen or The King’s Islet in English. The area is well known for its many restaurants and shopping and a new shopping mall called Vastermalmsgallerian was recently built to further attract people to the area. Several bridges connect Kungsholmen with memory foam suburbs as well as the royal residence further our in the archipelago. If you travel here make sure you visit the south shoreline facing Sodermalm which is a popular walking area with beautiful views. The city park Rolambshovsparken host many concerts and activities during the summer and is also the stationary place for Swedes to celebrate the few successes that the National football team has.

East of Kungsholmen is one large land area which consists of three city districts. Vasastaden has beautiful parks like Vasaparken and Observatorielunden. The hub of Vasastaden is a square called Odenplan, named after the mythological god Oden. From here you can travel by bus anywhere.

Adjacent to Vasastaden is Norrmalm. The lower part of Norrmalm is considered the city centre or downtown and the upper parts are more residential. In the fifties and sixties many houses were torn down to make the area more modern. You can easily tell which buildings are the newer and older ones.

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