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Going Home is For Losers! 10 Better Places

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Going Home is For Losers! 10 Better Places to Go For Thanksgiving

by SethPlattner

Want to go someplace really great for Thanksgiving?

As turkey time draws near, most of us are preparing for a gut-busting food fest with our families. But, not everyone adheres to the normal Thanksgiving day festivities; no, there are those who look for something a little different for Thanksgiving. So, in the spirit of diversity and adventure, here are 10 great Thanksgiving travel destinations for those looking to not go home for Thanksgiving:

If you want to stay state-side for Thanksgiving but are still looking for a T-day with a twist, the island of Maui is a perfect holiday getaway. For one thing, it's pretty much cold everywhere else but Hawaii will still have beautiful skin-bronzing weather. Secondly, a number of the resorts and hotels on the island have Thanksgiving Day feasts, but with a little Hawaiin flare (think turkeys glazed in mandarin orange sauce, or stuffing with macadamia nuts). Of course you don't have to stick with Maui, as all the Hawaiin islands will be havine similar feasts.

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