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Fast facts: Swedes' travel habits

Touristclick Sweden Travel News

Fast facts: Swedes' travel habits

by Nutek

Swedes made a total of 12.5 million overseas visits in 2006 which included at least one night away.

- 2.5 million trips were on business and 10 million trips were for leisure. The number of overseas trips has risen 24 percent since 2000.

- 79 percent of overseas trips by business travellers were by plane. 52 percent of overseas trips by leisure travellers were by plane.

- Only 2.5 percent of overseas trips by business travellers in 2006 were by train. The figure for leisure travellers was 3 percent.

- Some 14 percent of overseas trips from Sweden in 2006 were to neigbouring Finland, while 12 percent were to Denmark. Germany was the third most popular destination, with Finland fourth.

- Germany was the most popular business destination, with Finland the most popular leisure destination. The most popular long-haul holiday location was Thailand, with the United States the most popular intercontinental business destination.

- The most popular reason for leisure travel is 'to get away from it all.' 38 percent of Swedes gave this as their reason for leaving the country. The next most popular reason was to visit friends or relatives. 27 percent said this was their reason for travelling.

- The most popular reason for business travel was to attend an external meeting (32 percent). The second most popular reason was for an internal company meeting (25 percent).

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