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Why you Need to Visit Murcia, Spain

Touristclick Spain Travel news

Why you Need to Visit Murcia, Spain

The autonomous Spanish region of Murcia is situated between the better known regions of Andalucํa and Valencia in South Eastern Spain. Murcia is approximately 882 square Km, and has a population of 1.3 million people, with about a third of these people living in and around the city of Murcia itself. The climate is warm, with an average winter temperature of 11 degrees and around 34 degrees in summer, and boasts more than 300 sunny days a year. A recent World Health Organisation study pronounced Murcia the cleanest province in Spain.

Murcia is easily reached thanks to its two international airports, Alicante which sees over 9m passengers per year, and Murcia / St Javier airport which sees 3m passengers per year. A third airport in Corvera is scheduled to open in 2009, to make the city of Murcia and surrounding areas even easier to reach. Railway links with Madrid and Valencia, as well as a good motorway network mean that Murcia is very accessible. One of Murcia’s main features is the Costa Calida (Warm Coast) on the Mediterranean.

It runs from Aguilas near Almeria in the south, to El Mojon on the boundary with Alicante in the north east. There is a n extensive and varied range of activities available including sailing, windsurfing, waterskiing and jet skiing, and much more, ensuring that there are plenty of new activities to try and something for everyone. From picturesque small fishing towns to mountains, the Costa Calida has it all.

The region of Murcia is also rich with historical buildings and castles including those at Alamha, Mula and Lorca, whilst the port of Cartagena is a popular destination for cruise ships. San Javier is located just off the Mar Menor, and less than half an hour from both Murcia and Cartagena, making it very handy for the main airport and a number of golf courses.

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Spain Travel news

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