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Spain: the world’s second favourite destination

Touristclick Spain Travel news

Spain: the world’s second favourite destination

Spain has once again been recognised as the world’s second favourite tourism destination with over 58 million visitors to the country last year.

Tourism arrivals in 2006 also exceeded the country’s population by a record 16 million, reaffirming the popularity of the European nation for overseas visitors. The importance of tourism to Spain remains undoubted accounting for 11 per cent of the country’s GDP and raking in 48 billion Euros last year alone.

Between January and July 2007, Spain has already registered 33.8 million visitors, an increase of 2 per cent year on year for the same period. The average length of stay was 9 nights, a slight drop from 2005 figures, but revenue was up 3.1 per cent to almost 33 million Euros.

Spain’s position as one of the world’s best destinations for international business events has also climbed taking in a fifth ranking with 266 meetings and Barcelona as the world’s number fourth preferred city hosting 103 international meetings last year. It has some 50 major conference centres located across the country offering a broad range of infrastructure with continual growth and renewal. The convention facilities are more than 750 halls capable of seating 558,000 delegates. The country also provides over one thousand 3,4,5 star properties at one time able to offer 250,000 rooms.

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Spain Travel news

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