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Spain: From Beach Resorts To Famous Spanish Art

Touristclick Spain Travel news

Spain: From Beach Resorts To Famous Spanish Art

The Museu del Prado is one of the most popular tourist spots in Madrid. Though this museum houses over 7,000 paintings, the emphasis on famous Spanish artists, Velแzquez, Goya and El Greco is very evident. There are, of course, many works of art from many other artists.

The museum is surrounded by beautiful gardens. Visitors can spend hours enjoying the lovely grounds, the architecture of this nineteenth century building completed in 1819, and the beautiful pieces of art found within. Much of the early collection found within the museum is from paintings obtained by Spanish nobility. Once construction on the new wing is completed, visitors will be able to see many pieces of art that have been in storage. Such pieces include Pereda and Zurbarแn, among so many others, which will add to the beautiful display available to art lovers.

Even now, the art available makes a visit to the Prado Museum well worth it. In addition to the family Spanish artists mentioned above, art lovers can find works by the German, Italians, French, Flemish and Dutch. Many were acquired by conquest during the time period when Spain was a leading ruler of Europe. Regardless of how they were acquired, though, this art portrays the timeless beauty artists can achieve in any era. Upon arrival at the Prado Museum, you will walk through the Goya entrance on the ground floor. Allow yourself time to enjoy the works of La Anunciaci๓n of la Virgen Marํa and Fra Angelico as well as some Italian masterpieces nearby.

As you continue, you will see works by Bosch, including Seven Deadly Sins, Garden of Earthly Delights and many more. Possibly the first surrealist, Bosch's art is far ahead of his time. His 16th century paintings are easily considered a result of a "vivid imagination." Making your way to the second floor, you will find 17th century works by Rubens and van Dyck, such as Garden of Love and Three Graces. Nearby, you will find painter Murillo's three Immaculate Conceptions noted to be the highlights of this collection.

The Museo del Prado is one of Madrid's most popular tourist sites. The next time you are abroad, make a point to visit Madrid and this impressive museum. Even if you are staying in a nearby beach resort, a short trip to Madrid will definitely be worth the time to see works by some of the famous Spanish masters.

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Spain Travel news

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