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Spain 'popular out of season'

Touristclick Spain Travel news

Spain 'popular out of season'

An increasing number of British tourists are choosing to visit Spain out of season, new figures have shown.

The country's National Statistics Institute (NSI) found that the number of Britons booking off-peak holidays in the Costa Blanca was higher than last year, reports the Typically Spanish website.

In addition, the region was said to be the most popular destination among Spanish tourists, displacing the Costa del Sol as their first choice. The NSI also stated that more Spanish nationals were staying in hotels in the Costa Blanca region was higher than in Barcelona and Madrid combined.

This could make the region a potentially good location for overseas property investors, as many could cash in on the surge in tourism by purchasing rental accommodation. Meanwhile, the news provider has also reported on increased government investment in the Costa del Sol, as more than 1 million euros is set to be spent on improving transport links across Malaga. The local airport is set to benefit from the public spending, alongside the railways and road network.

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Spain Travel news

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