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Basking in the beauty of northern Spain

Touristclick Spain Travel news

Basking in the beauty of northern Spain

While northern Spain has been occupied by many people, to the casual observer it looks as if not much has changed here for centuries. In many of the rural areas, farmers continue farming as their forefathers have done for centuries and in most coastal villages the fishing fleet sets sail daily as it has for eons.

The Moors swept into Spain in the 8th century and years later the Christian re-conquest began. The once independent coastal states of Asturias, Cantabria and Euskadi (Basque country) are now part of Spain but there's always been a sense of independence here with things in the north being done differently than they are down south.

However, not everywhere in the north is laid back especially in the tourist centres like San Sebastia{aac}n and Santander where smart travellers descend upon the beaches and into the restaurants to sample arguably some of Spain's best pintxos (tapas).

A few hours' drive away, Bilbao has been given a new lease of life with the establishment of the Guggenheim Museum. The Frank O'Gehry designed museum is the city's leading attraction in what was just a few decades ago a decaying port.

O'Gehry is known for his startling architectural masterpieces that on first sight look totally inappropriate for their surroundings. Inside huge rusty sheets of metal comprise one of the world's largest sculptures and in another corner, a Picasso challenges visitors.

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Spain Travel news

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