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Brits Boost Costa Blanca Tourism

Touristclick Spain Travel news

Brits Boost Costa Blanca Tourism

As winter begins even in Spain, bookings from British holidaymakers enhance the Costa Blanca’s buy-to-let market.

Throughout the UK’s drizzly summer, hoteliers and holiday homeowners in Spain saw record number of bookings from British tourists, especially on the Costa Blanca. Many are fully booked well into October, with most customers paying high season prices despite the fact that the market is usually quietening down for winter at this point.

The majority of these holidaymakers are flying over from the UK, and are expected to add up to an overall occupation figure of 85 per cent this winter. The tourism board announced that tourism figures on the Costa Blanca rose by two per cent during the summer period, which, despite being small percentage, makes a big difference from last year’s figures.

This is despite the fact that national tourism dropped this summer with Spanish tourists who would usually have headed for the Costas opting instead to either go somewhere closer to home, or head for last minute deals abroad. Brits who have invested in Costa Blanca holiday homes will see their bookings boosted further when the BBC airs a new episode of their travel show, Wish you were here.

The travel programme will include a chapter on the attractions of Benidorm, hosted by Ricky Tomlinson. Instead of focusing on packed beaches and English pubs, Tomlinson, who describes himself as one of Benidorm’s biggest fans, will explore historical attractions, cultural sights and up-market restaurants, showing an unexpectedly refined side to the traditionally tacky tourist resort.

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Spain Travel news

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