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SA Travel partners with Smooth Group

Touristclick SouthAfrica Travel News

SA Travel partners with Smooth Group to offer 40% cash back on air tickets


ohannesburg - STA Travel South Africa and UK based Smooth Group Limited* have joined forces to offer South Africans going to work in the UK a package that gives them up to 40% cash back on their air ticket when they start working in the UK. The package, a first for South Africa, also sets them up with a legal UK bank account at a leading UK bank, an appointment to get a National Insurance number and provides them with a UK cell number –  all before they leave South Africa. “This unique package is a first for South Africa,” explains STA Travel’s MD Sean Hough. “The cash-back portion is a legitimate UK tax benefit. As part of the package travellers join a recognised financial umbrella company before purchasing their ticket and the cost of that flight becomes a business expense. Once they start working in the UK, as much as 40% of the cost of their ticket will be refunded within 6-8 weeks.”

Travellers also receive an appointment to secure a National Insurance number, a UK bank account and a UK cell number.

“Having a legal UK bank account in their own name means that you don’t have to travel with a large amount of cash or travellers cheques. When you get to the UK, all you need to do is visit the local branch of the bank and collect your ATM card.”

In the UK a National Insurance (NI) number is much like having a South African ID number, and is equally as much of an administrative nightmare to get! Having a appointment to get a NI insurance all set up for you before you even leave SA makes applying for work, accommodation or any other financial transaction in the UK so much easier.

It is a fact that 40% of South Africans who apply independently for a UK working visa are refused. There are 82 different UK visa options to choose from with the most popular being the Working Holiday Visa, Ancestral Visa and the Highly Skilled Migrant Visa. STA Travel have in-house immigrations consultants to advise travellers on their best options.


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