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South Korea Travel News

Touristclick South Korea Travel News

Typhoon creates travel snags for Pusan
BUSAN, South Korea -- With Supertyphoon Krosa about two days away from the Korean Peninsula, organizers of the Pusan International Film Festival are watching the skies and hoping the storm passes the festival by.

"We are hoping it is going to leave us alone," said Janice Chung, publicity manager at the Asian Film Market. "But in terms of logistics, the market is in the Grand Hotel, so the weather outside does not really matter. It's OK to go on regardless."

Weather reports as of closing time indicate Krosa will move from Taiwan toward Korea, but will lighten as it approaches, and should downgrade to a tropical storm before it reaches Korea early Tuesday morning.

Saturday evening, Krosa was pounding northern Taiwan, disrupting air, sea and road traffic, and several market attendees have found their flights canceled.

"Some guests who cannot get here because of weather, we are doing our best to get them another plane ticket," Chung said.

But as of Saturday evening, few film market attendees were aware or concerned about the approaching storm.

"I have no time to worry about anything like that," said Justin Choi, head of international business at Lotte Entertainment. "Besides, things look really quiet this year."

The Asian Film Market starts Monday and ends Thursday.

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South Korea Travel news

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