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South Korea Travel News

Touristclick South Korea Travel News

Seoul threatens travel ban for tax delinquents
SEOUL (AFP) — Seoul's city government on Sunday threatened to ban thousands of delinquent taxpayers from travelling abroad in a rare campaign to collect nearly 900 million dollars in unpaid taxes, officials said.

The city government said in a statement it would wage "a war against delinquent taxpayers" till year's end, vowing to mobilise all possible means.
It said some 6,500 people, who each owe the city government 50 million won (54,000 dollars) or more in taxes, should pay the money by late November or face a travel ban by the justice ministry.

South Korea has often used travel bans against evasive criminal suspects but rarely against negligent taxpayers.

The Seoul city government warned that other tax delinquents could also have their salaries or property either confiscated or auctioned off.
It said the amount of unpaid taxes totaled some 890 million dollars as of last week, saying 76 percent of the delinquents were rich enough to pay their unpaid taxes.

The city government warned it would file a formal complaint with prosecutors against those who habitually delayed paying taxes.

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South Korea Travel news

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