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South Korea Travel News

Touristclick South Korea Travel News

20 South Korean Tourists Injured in NK Bridge Collapse
About 20 South Korean tourists were injured Monday morning when a bridge collapsed at a scenic mountain resort in North Korea, the operator of the North Korean tour program said in Koseong, Gangwon Province.

The accident occurred around 10 a.m. near the Guryong (Nine Dragons) Falls in Mount Geumgang on the east coast, a spokesman for Hyundai Asan said, adding six of them were seriously injured.

"About 20 tourists fell as the bridge tilted to one side after an iron buckle became undone," the spokesman said, while asking not to be identified.

Most of them only suffered minor injuries while six of them were carried down on stretchers as they were unable to walk, he said, noting no air transportation was available.

Some 300,000 South Koreans travel to the North Korean mountain resort annually. This is the first major accident to occur at the resort area since the South Korean company launched the tour program in late 1998.

A total of 15 South Koreas have died while traveling to the mountain resort area in North Korea or due to accidents or other ordeals during their travel there, according to figures from the Unification Ministry.

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South Korea Travel news

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