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Cut The Cost Of Winter Holidays

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Cut The Cost Of Winter Holidays


Skiing holidays don't have to cost an arm and a leg. Indeed, by going to the right place at the right time and making informed decisions about travel insurance, you can hit the slopes without breaking the bank. Moneyextra brings you six steps to a cheaper skiing holiday.


Sometimes it's cheaper to put a holiday together yourself than go on a package deal offered by a travel agent. The important thing is to factor in all the costs involved and remember that there will be no tour representative to fall back on if things go wrong.

Putting together your own package can reap rewards if you don't fit the standard four or two-sharing room requirement. For example, single travellers can benefit by opting for accommodation where there is no single room supplement.

You can also pick when you go and which airport you go to. Both flights and accommodation are much cheaper if you travel outside of school holidays and cheaper still if you fly midweek, rather than at the weekend. Avoid being away at Christmas or New Year unless you want to pay a premium for your trip.

Cheaper Flights

The good news is that budget airlines have most of the European skiing destinations covered. EasyJet flies from Luton, Gatwick and Liverpool and destinations include Geneva (for French and Swiss resorts), Zurich (for Swiss and Austrian resorts) and Barcelona (for Andorra).

Ryanair also serves 29 winter sports destinations from the UK while Jet2 offers one-way flights to some European skiing destinations for as little as £19.99. Generally, smaller, more remote airports will be cheaper to fly to than airports in major cities.

If you are going down the DIY road and opt for a more remote airport you'll probably need to hire a car to get you from the airport to the resort. It's cheaper to shop around for car hire before you set off. Using an online broker such as Holiday Autos will help you find the best deal and avoid hidden extras.

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