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Slovenia Travel News
Take a time to explore our Slovenia News section before you travel to Slovenia

Touristclick Slovenia Travel News

Recipe for travel: delays, crowds, bad weather among ingredients
but have planned a family trip to Germany, Austria and Slovenia during Christmas. "I always travel at this time of year," said Foll. "I just like it. ...

Visit the Nice of the East with Albatross
The ‘Through Bavaria and Slovenia to Croatia’ tour, with Albatross Travel Group, moves through Bavaria and the Austrian Tyrol to the lakes and mountains of

Caple: World Series vs. Super Bowl - Trave
Oh, and a reader in Ljubljana took Road Warrior to task for letting everyone in on the secret of how wonderful Slovenia is. He's right. ...

Cut The Cost Of Winter Holidays
Eastern European countries are generally quick and cheap to travel to and the cost of living is low. In Slovenia, for example, lift passes cost around £90 ...

Space travel to be explored in science festival
Overseas speakers will come from Italy, Slovenia and Ukraine, and a Ukrainian evening will be held for people and businesses seeking to establish contacts. ...

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Slovenia Travel news

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