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Slovak Parliament Approved Border Relations

Touristclick Slovakia Travel News

Slovak Parliament Approved Border Relations Agreement With Ukraine


Bratislava, July 2 - Slovak Parliament passed Slovak-Ukrainian border agreement that will govern reciprocal travel for people living in border regions.

Under the treaty, Ukrainians from regions within 50km of the border will be able to enter Slovakia without visas. [Slovaks currently do not need visas to travel to Ukraine.]

Ukrainians and Slovaks from border regions will also be able to stay in other country for up to 30 consecutive days, with total length of all stays no more than 90 days within a period of 180 days.

Eligible Ukrainian residents will have to pay €20 (Sk620) for a license that will replace Slovak visas and will be valid for five years.

The permits will be available at the General Consulate of Slovakia in Uzhhorod and at the General Consulate of Ukraine in Presov.

The issuing of an estimated 15,000 licenses is expected to yield the state budget around €300,000 (Sk9.06 million). The implementation of the plan will claim Sk9 million (€297,800) next year, including Sk6.13 million (€203,000) for salaries and payroll taxes of additional staff.

The agreement is to take effect in 30 days of its ratification by both countries. Ukrainian parliament has not ratified it yet.

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