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It’s baaack … Radical Travel is bigger

Touristclick Slovakia Travel News

It’s baaack … Radical Travel is bigger, better and bursting with new goodies!


Radical Travel’s 08 brochure is the ultimate cure for itchy feet, back with not three, but four fulla-life travel companies offering you the ultimate independent travel options in Europe, UK and North Africa.

Tammy Marshall, managing director, Radical Travel said, “The 08 Radical Travel brochure is the definitive tool for agents when looking for independent travel options for their clients, with one brochure, one website and one booking engine incorporating all four brands.

“Brand new for 08 is the latest recruit in the Radical ranks, Eastern Trekker. This newly acquired Eastern European specialist company offers a range of nine authentic experiences exploring the hidden gems of the region such as Croatia, Slovakia, Bosnia, Romania and more.

“According to our research, Eastern Europe is one of the major hot spots for independent travellers, prompting us to purchase Eastern Trekker to meet increased demand.

“The Radical Travel brands, Busabout, HAGGiS Adventures, Shamrocker Adventures and Eastern Trekker, are designed to be loads of fun while still holding the culture of each destination in the highest regard.

“Travellers with Radical Travel have the power to choose how best to spend their time and money by utilising the guides’ local know-how.”

Busabout Adventures, HAGGiS, Shamrocker and Eastern Trekker offer travellers exciting and innovative group touring options. Busabout Explorer is a flexible hop-on-hop-off coach network allowing travellers the freedom to custom-design their itinerary while still utilising the support offered, like on-board guides and suggested accommodation options.

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