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Serbia and Montenegro Travel News
Take a time to explore our Serbia and Montenegro travel News section before you travel to Serbia and Montenegro.

Touristclick Serbia and Montenegro Travel News

Rich States Poach Former Yugoslavia’s Sporting Talent
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia that will allow certain categories of citizens easier travel arrangements. ...

serbia hopes for visa-free regime with eu by 2009
"i do expect that our citizens will travel without visas in the second half of 2009," said drazen maravic, the chief of the interior ministry's bureau for ...

national in eastern european focus
reflecting the growing appeal of eastern europe for both business and leisure travel, national, has launched a special offer for travellers heading to any ...

Turkish Organized Crime
For instance, there is a firearm trafficking route to Western Europe that runs from Turkey through Serbia and Montenegro. ...

Nuremburg Trials haunt reporter
holding War Crimes Trials at The Hague for accused perpetrators of genocide in such places as Serbia and Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Serbia and Montenegro Travel news

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