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Active Travel: Kiteboarding in Puerto Rico

Touristclick Puerto Rico Travel News

Active Travel: Kiteboarding in Puerto Rico

By jnaw

When it comes to active travel, we've checked out some pretty crazy stuff. But when HotelChatter tipped us off to kiteboarding, we had to investigate. The adventure sport puts riders on a small surfboard that's a bit like the more-popular wakeboard--and then hands them the reins to a big kite. Riders strap their feet into bindings before letting loose.

The sport is still in its infancy, but there are plenty of places to check it out. Our suggestion? Kiteboarding PR. The one-day Kite Control Class helps beginners master kiteboarding techniques, everything from kite setup to takeoffs and landings. Advanced lessons and custom camps are also available for those anxious to ride the waves like a true pro.

Our number one tip for the newbies? Well, it came from the experts

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