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TAP wins World Travel Market Award

Touristclick Portugal Travel News

TAP wins World Travel Market Award


TAP was awarded a World Travel Market Award today in the United Kingdom in recognition of the strong contribution the company has made to the tourism industry in Portugal.

When receiving this award at the official opening ceremony of the World Travel Market held today in London – one of the largest events of its kind on a world scale – Luis Mor speaking on behalf of the company, considered the prize as “reward for the enormous effort TAP has been making in favor of tourism, helping put Portugal ever the more on the route of tourists around the world”.

In total, 12 prizes were awarded to companies, entities or individuals associated with the Tourism segment throughout the world, including only two other airline companies in addition to TAP - Emirates and Kingfisher Airlines.

This award adds to others that TAP has won in some of the major markets in which it operates, especially in Portugal, where it received the prize allocated by Publituris as “Best Airline Company” for the fourth consecutive time this year, and where its work has also been recognized in the variety of States it flies to.

In line with the successive growth of recent years, TAP increased the number of passengers transported in September compared with the same month of the previous year by 20 percent, with its European market growing by 23 percent and Luanda and Brazil registering an increase of 30 percentage points.

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