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Tourism this week in Latin America

Touristclick Peru Travel News

Tourism this week in Latin America


The latest developments in Latin America tourism.

Back to flying
VRG, which is operated by VARIG, announced the resuming of operations with daily flights between Brazil and Argentina, which will reach 90 weekly frequencies between Buenos Aires and several Brazilian cities. For the moment, the new Varig will cover the services between the metropolitan airport and the city of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro with 28 weekly frequencies, which will increase to 42 as from December 3rd.

Cruise season in Puerto Madryn
Approximately 43 ships will arrive in the city’s port from now until April 4th. Last year, 37 ships arrived, with more than 35,000 tourists which represents an increase in the economic revenue for the city, not only from the tax that is paid for right of mooring but because resupplying takes place in the port Terminal. Additionally, the tourist and crew movement are assisted by tourist agencies and other suppliers of local services in their excursions to the Valdes Peninsula, Punto Tombo or Punta Loma Protected Natural Areas and excursions to the Chubut River Lower valley, city shopping, among other activities.

Seeks investment to convert Punta del Este into tourist attraction
The aim of the authorities is to transform Punta del Este in a strong tourist attraction, which is why the Municipality of Maldonado will present four concession projects mainly aimed at Chilean investors. The most important of these projects is the construction of a private port for boats and cruise ships, which will include a five-star hotel and a casino, with an investment of US$300 million.

Donald Trump assesses investing US$ 60 million in hotel project
The North American millionaire, Donald Trump analyses investing US$60 million in a real estate and hotel project in Punta del Este. The Chilean group Kayco International Group will assess the magnate in this operation and so its director will travel to Uruguay next week to begin conversations with local companies and to evaluate the most ideal places for the beginning of what could be one of the first hotel projects of Trump in South America.

Varig returns to Mexico
The Brazilian airline announced the return of its flights to Mexico City as from December 10th, with a daily return frequency. Embratur confirmed that Mexico was the 15th producer of tourists for Brasil in 2006, with 70 000 people, while in the opposite sense the Mexican tourist destinations received 43,000 Brazilians.

Air China announces third frequency
11 months after beginning flights to Brazil with two weekly frequencies, Air China announced a third flight as from the 20th of this month in the route from Pekin, via Madrid.

OceanAir will take charge of BRA routes
The Brasilian Minister of Defense announced that OceanAir took charge of the BRA routes, which stopped operating last week. The Brasilian judiciary announced that it might take part of BRA’s ten aircraft to ensure the dismissal compensations of the 1 100 airline employees.

will promote tourist routes for orquid observation
The Deputy Minister of Tourism informed that new tourist routes will be created to promote the observation and conservation of orquids with the aim of generating a larger flow of national and international visitors interested in natural tourism.

Discovery of most ancient mural of America in Lambayeque
A religious sanctuary which would represent the cradle of the northern culture of Peru, as well as America’s most ancient mural, were discovered in the Ventarron hill, located in the Centro Poblado of the same name, 4km from Pomalca district, in the Chiclayo province.

“Discover Peru” campaign launched in London
Promperu began the “Discover Peru” international campaign in the Custom House railway station. The publicity articles show the new tourist image of Peru, with a completely renewed design of cruiser photographs on the Amazon River, Chan Chan, Machu Picchu, among others, as well as our gastronomy. This campaign will be in different media selected for the high impact in high socio-economic levels, such as: The Independent, Ultra Traveler, Style Journal, Wanderlust and Traveler. At the beginning of next year, Peru will be promoted in 324 London taxis.

Air Peru International would begin flights in December
Air Peru International presented its Boeing 752-200, one of six that will arrive in the country for the opening of its flights at national level, informed the Director and General Manager of the airline, who specified that the investment undergone until present by Peruvian investors reaches US$ 1.8 million. The airline is in the certification process and by December at the latest they will be officially operating to different destinations within the country, beginning with Cuzco and Iquitos. In the short term it also plans the beginning of its international flights to the United States, Asia and South America.

Cuenca will have tourist meeting
100 foreign purchasers will participate in the Ecuador Travel Mart, organized by the Bolsa Internacional de Turismo (BITE), in Cuenca, on April 22nd, 2008. The president of the BITE, Irma Ugalde, announced that among the 260 Ecuatorian operators interested in the round of business, 120 will be selected. 30 specialized foreign journalists have also been invited.

Avianca takes up airlines from Brazil and Ecuador
The companies from the Sinergy Business Group will adopt the Avianca name as from the second semester of 2008, thus consolidating a sole image in the countries where they are represented, announced the president of the company during the anniversary of the 40 years of the Columbo- American Chamber in Cali. Ocean Air of Brasil and Vipsa of Ecuador are expected to be called Avianca by the middle of next year.

Aires wants to fly to New York and Avianca to the main European capitals
Aires wants to fly from various cities of the country to Fort Lauderdale (Florida) and also to New York, seven times a week, from Bogota. Avianca expects to fly to Paris five times a week, three to London, four to Frankfurt, seven to Washington and Orlando, from the El Dorado airport.

Delta opens five new direct routes with New York
Delta announced the opening of five new direct routes to link New York with Central America and the Caribbean, as part of an expansion strategy which will allow it to increase by 60% its presence in the region and consolidate itself as the biggest airline that operates in the JFK airport.

Government motivates actions to consolidate tourist activity
The Minister of Tourism informed that to consolidate the tourist activity in Mexico and to attract more investments, the Ministry is working in three areas that are fundamental so that this activity be a real impulse for social and economical development, horizontal work, territorial organization and concurrence between the three levels of government.

Aeromexico announces direct flights to Barcelona
The Commercial Director informed that as from December 16th, Aeromexico will fly on Fridays and Sundays from Mexico City to the El Prat airport in Barcelona.

As from May 2008, Copa will have four daily flights
Copa Airlines foresees expanding the frequencies of its flights to Cuba, in the face of the increase in demand of trips brought about during a recent official visit of representatives of the Panamanian Government to La Habana.

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