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cusco peru's people to tour sacsayhuaman for free

Touristclick Peru Travel News

cusco peru's people to tour sacsayhuaman for free


The latest developments in Latin America tourism.

(LIP-ir) -- As a part of the “Valorando nuestro patrimonio cultural” (Valuing our cultural patrimony) campaign, begun by the Tourism Ticket Office, every week, two hundred of Cusco, Peru's citizens will travel to Sacsayhuamán archaeological park for free.

This effort aims to redistribute the economic benefits of the Tourism Ticket Office among the general public, said the director of the organization, Fermín Díaz.

The organization announced that it had already collected a total of 1,205,875 soles so far this year - 5 percent more than what was collected last year.

The Tourism Ticket Office explained that the tours would be organized into groups of fifty, which would be provided with a bus and an official tour guide. Tours have been scheduled for 8 am. and 11 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. More trips are to be scheduled as there is more demand, explained Díaz.

Tours, which are to begin at Sacsayhuamán fortress, are to last three hours and visit several archaeological sites such as the Penco, a sacred huaca.

Fermín Díaz explained that these types of tours would soon take Cusco, Peru's people to other archaeological sites, churches, convents and museums in and around Cusco and the Sacred Valley - all of which are part of the Boleto Turístico.

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