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WB team arrives in Nepal to discuss development

Touristclick Nepal Travel News
WB team arrives in Nepal to discuss development

By Xinhua

According to a press release issued by the World Bank on Monday, Nepal was chosen for this year's meetings to signal the bank's strong commitment to continue working with Nepal and to maintain a focus on development even during these politically challenging times.

"It is a demonstration of our solidarity with the Nepali people and our way of saying that we stand with Nepal as it embarks on an ambitious agenda of nation-building," World Bank Country Director for Nepal Susan Goldmark said in the press release.

"The discussions of the first two days will gyrate around the regional cooperation in the areas of water, trade and investment, transport, climate change, and institutions of regional collaboration. The theme of opportunities and constraints for sub-national governments across South Asia will also be discussed during the other discussions," the press release said.

The bank's Regional Management Team meetings in South Asia are usually held over two days. But a third day has been added this time for discussions exclusively focused on Nepal.

Representatives of the political parties, senior government officials and Kathmandu based representatives of the international development community will join these discussions.
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