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Nepal killings unabated

Touristclick Nepal Travel News

Nepal killings unabated

By Earthtimes

Kathmandu, Nov 7 - As condemnation started pouring in from home and abroad over the killing of a journalist by Maoist guerrillas, Nepal's top rights body released a report saying killings were continuing unabated despite a truce.

Though the rebels signed a peace pact with the new government last year and ended their decade-old civil war, the nation's hope for peace has been blasted by unabated killings by the state, rebels as well as other armed groups, the National Human Rights Commission said.

In a report on the state of human rights released Tuesday, the commission said at least 115 people were killed between November, when the pace agreement was signed, and July.

According to the report, an ethnic group from the Terai plains that has been emerging as one of the most powerful regional blocs has been responsible for the maximum killings.

The Madhesi Janadhikar Forum, that recently signed an agreement with the Girija Prasad Koirala government -- which agreed to withdraw cases against its leaders -- killed 30 people, the rights body said.

The Forum recently registered as a political party with the Election Commission and is poised to take part in the stalled election, in which it is expected to do well in the southern plains.

The report indicates that most of the killings took place in the Terai, with two bands of former Maoists responsible for the second-largest number of killings.

The Janatantrik Mukti Morcha, led by former top Maoist leader in the plains, Jay Krishna Goit, killed 11 people while its breakaway faction headed by Jwala Singh killed nine.

Security forces killed 10 while the Maoists were responsible for nine deaths.

At least 15 people died in blasts with no one claiming responsibility while 19 died due to unidentified causes.

The report also included an instance of sectarian violence in Kapilavastu in September.

Violence erupted in the southwest district after the murder of a powerful landlord triggered retaliatory attacks, including large-scale arson and looting.

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