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Morocco 'is an attractive country'

Touristclick Morocco Travel News

Morocco 'is an attractive country'


The natural beauty in different parts of Morocco has been praised by a Turkish newspaper.

Today's Zaman described the country as an attractive but "mysterious" place, as it was something of an anomaly due to its proximity with Europe.

According to the publication, Morocco's similarities with its neighbouring continent make it quite different from many other African countries.

For example, the coastal city of Tangier was compared with places other Mediterranean cities, both in terms of its physical environment and climate.

However, Marrakesh was said to be the main place to visit and a city that no holidaymaker in Morocco could overlook.

Today's Zaman added that the city was in an "unparalleled location", as it offered good views of the Atlas Mountains.

Earlier this month, online travel agency Freedom Direct highlighted Morocco as an increasingly popular destination with British holidaymakers, due to its culture, climate and exotic surroundings.

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