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Industry data:Overseas travel and tourism

Touristclick Morocco Travel News

Industry data:Overseas travel and tourism

By CatererSearch

he amount spent by overseas visitors to the UK dropped by 2.4% during September 2007 to £1.6b, compared with £1.64b during the same month of 2006, according to the Government’s latest Overseas Travel and Tourism figures.

The number of overseas visits to the UK fell by 9.5% to 2.77 million during this period, compared with 3.06 million in September 2006.

The Overseas Travel and Tourism figures are published each month and quarter by the government’s National Statistics Office.

They are based on the International Passenger Survey, a random sample of more than 250,000 interviews carried out each year with passengers entering or leaving the UK through the main airports, seaports and the Channel Tunnel. These interviews represent one in every 500 passengers.

The figures below are not seasonally adjusted. Annual performance is presented in the tables at the bottom of the monthly figures.

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