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Shark Attack Travel: Mexico's Hungry Great Whites

Touristclick Mexico Travel News

Shark Attack Travel: Mexico's Hungry Great Whites

By pbb

So hunting for 844-pound sharks is too extreme for you? And you don't feel like pioneering the Iraqi shark fishing industry? Then you might want to reconsider your trip to Mexico's Isla Guadalupe with

Passengers and crew on a recent excursion got plenty of action when they witnessed a great white attack a fur seal, says dive master Luke Tipple:

We were in the middle of cage diving operations on the back deck of the MV Islander when all of a sudden a 6 foot geyser of black foam and red blood erupted 50 yards from our position.

While the boys at Shark Diver have been working these waters for years, a surface attack like this surprised even them.

Of course, there's no guarantee you'll see great whites on any particular trip, but Shark Diver CEO Patric Douglas says the odds are good, especially in the winter months:

We have research data showing these sharks actively stalking the smaller Guadalupe fur seals early in the shark season. By November these pups are quite big and begin to play offshore, which is the equivalent of ringing the dinner bell for larger female whites.

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