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airbaltic expands to Daugavpils

Touristclick Lithuania Travel News

airbaltic expands to Daugavpils

by Vittorio Hernandez

Representatives of the Latvian airline airBaltic, including the airline’s President and CEO, Bertold Flick, visited the city of Daugavpils today to meet with representatives of the Daugavpils airport and the City Council to talk about the airport’s infrastructure and how it might be developed in future.

airBaltic also opened its first regional office, which will provide greater access to travel to people in the Daugavpils region.

Bertolt Flick, president and CEO of airBaltic: “The development of aviation in Latvia’s regions is of key importance. We know that domestic airBaltic flights to Liepāja and the fact that the Liepāja airport is now shown on international aviation maps with flights to Hamburg and Copenhagen – these have been very important initiatives which promote the development not only of Liepāja and its surrounding region, but also of a substantial part of Lithuania.

“The Daugavpils airport, too, has great growth potential, and we at airBaltic are prepared to offer consultations so as to work on the development of aviation services here. The first step is the opening of our regional office in Daugavpils, which creates new aspects in the local tourism industry and makes opportunities for travel more accessible to folks in the region.”

airBaltic also plans to open offices in Liepāja, Ventspils, Jelgava and Valmiera soon. A new sales point and a consultation office will be opened also in Riga, in addition to the existing office in Berga Bazars.

airBaltic offices will provide information about services, book tickets, provide rebooking, rerouting and name change services, provide Eurobonus programme services, as well as sell prepaid mobile telephone cards airBalticcard Mobile and souvenirs of the airline.

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