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Travellers Reduce Global Footprints

Touristclick Kenya Travel News

Travellers Reduce Global Footprints

by Judy Darley

Delegates to World Travel Market can offset the carbon emitted from travelling to and from the event with ABTA’s Reduce My Footprint initiative.

The event, held at ExCeL London from November 12 to 15 is a four-day travel industry event and brings together worldwide buyers and sellers from every sector of the industry.
ABTA launched the initiative to reduce carbon omissions within the travel trade in October, and you can visit ABTA’s stand at UKI5500 to find out more.

ABTA companies use Reduce My Footprint to make use of a carbon calculator that works out carbon emissions for flights, car use and domestic or office energy use.

Funds raised are used for a range of schemes and charities, including the Travel Foundation, an independent UK charity that helps the outbound travel industry manage tourism more sustainably.

Contributions are divided between energy reduction programmes in tourism destinations in the UK and overseas, including solar power in Maasai Villages in Kenya, and renewable energy through the installation of a wind farm in Tamil Nadu, southern India, generating funds for sustainable development in the local community.

The project adds up to a brighter future for travellers, by showing that the world can still be explored without damaging the environment, as long as you take measures to protect it.

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