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Kansas Travel News

Touristclick Kansas Travel News

Today`s Storm & Travel Woes


The combination of heavy volume and the weather could cause travel headaches for Thanksgiving holiday motorists and fliers

The greatest potential for weather-related travel problems will exist across the eastern half of the nation.

Throughout this busy travel day, motorists can see how the weather is impacting driving conditions by checking local traffic reports. The FAA's Flight Delay map will be essential for those flying

According to the Midwest Regional News story, a series of low pressure centers riding along a sharp cold front will spread rain from the south-central states to the lower Great Lakes today. Noticeably colder air following the front will allow a changeover to snow to take place from northeastern Kansas to northern Illinois, including Chicago.

The snow that falls during the daylight hours will not accumulate on warm roadways; however, potentially dangerous black ice could develop toward evening as temperatures plummet from the central Mississippi Valley to eastern Oklahoma.

Greater snow accumulations across the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Valley will have more of an impact on travel tonight into Thursday. The Winter Weather Center states southern Ontario, southern Quebec and extreme northern Maine will top the snowfall total list with 6 to 12 inches.

The Severe Weather Center displays the snow-related watches and advisories currently in effect.

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