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Thanksgiving Travel Holiday Begins In Carolinas

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Thanksgiving Travel Holiday Begins In Carolinas


Troopers and deputies saturated the roads on one of the most hectic travel days of the year.

There have been at least 15 accidents, most in Greenville.  The majority of them have no injuries involved and only one is on the interstate.

Traffic was heavy on the interstates all day, and it really started to slow down and backup late in the afternoon when there was an accident on I-85 at mile marker 54.

Law enforcement says heavy backed up traffic causes more irritation of drivers and can lead to lots of aggressive driving.  And troopers are on highways in record numbers to make sure that drivers stay safe.  But that doesn't mean secondary roads aren't covered.  The Greenville County sheriff's office says it has worked about the same amount of accidents on Friday, but they are also setting speed traps to look for people driving carelessly because deputies say accidents can happen on any road.

"Aggressive driving, no seat belts, speeding.  Anything that might cause accidents or cause people to get injured on the holiday weekend because you have a lot of people that's in a hurry to get out of town or get other places," said Greenville County Deputy Sam Manley.

Greenville County deputies, like most agencies across the Upstate are working around the clock traffic units through the weekend.

More people will be traveling this year in the Carolinas.  And for many, it may be tempting to speed to get to your destination.  But before you do we wanted to show you how much time you really save by putting yourself in danger. 

So we did the math if you drive 10 miles over the speed limit you will only save about six minutes an hour.  And when you crash at higher speeds the impact is harder potentially leaving you more seriously injured.

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