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Pop Japan Travel Adds Creators

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Pop Japan Travel Adds Creators of "Vampire Hunter D" to Cold Steel Tour
Pop Japan Travel, a tour agency dedicated to pop-culture themed tours of Japan, has announced two additions to its "Cold Steel Tour." The first is a visit to Studio Pierrot, which produces the hit anime series Bleach and Naruto, and was also responsible for several other popular anime series such as Fushigi Yugi and Yu Yu Hakusho. The second is a visit with two creators of Vampire Hunter D: original series creator Hideyuki Kikuchi and new manga artist Saiko Takaki. The rest of the Cold Steel Tour, which departs on January 28, 2008 and returns on February 6, will include a visit to the Studio Ghibli Museum, tours of traditional and modern Tokyo sights, and a visit to the famous Akibahara and Nakano shopping districts.

The tour is $2,500 per person, including round-trip airfare from Los Angeles to Tokyo, and Pop Japan Travel is accepting reservations now at its web site.

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