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Japan Week at The Conrad Bangkok starts

Touristclick Japan Travel News

Japan Week at The Conrad Bangkok starts 19 October 2007
The Conrad Bangkok is preparing to welcome two leading Japanese Chefs - Yuji Imaizumi, Sushi chef and Ryoji Aida, Teppan chef from The Conrad Tokyo together with the hotel's new Japanese Master Chef Hiroaki Yamaguchi, to present their winter culinary at the Drinking Tea Eating Rice restaurant from 19-28 October 2007.

To ensure the complete Japanese dining experience, The Japanese Prestige Sake Association in Japan is sending their Sake Sommelier, Mr. Yoshiyasu Kaneko, to share his expertise with diners. He will be bringing with him, some of the best regional varieties of Sake direct from Japan for this occasion.
A little further into the Japanese cultural experience, the hotel has prepared special classes during the event.

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