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Venice to 'fine' bad tourists

Touristclick Italy Travel news

Venice to 'fine' bad tourists
Siovenly visitors who fail to show sufficient decorum in Venice, one of Italy's most famous cultural centres, have been warned they face fines of up to £175.

Volunteers have already been dispatched to tell slobbish tourists to cover-up, stop eating in churches, and generally show a bit more consideration for local sensibilities.

Venetians were already referring to St Mark's Square, one of the world's most celebrated tourist attractions, as "The Casbah", thanks to the growing jumble of cheap stalls and shirtless sightseers.

Now in a bid to smarten up the city centre and its historic canals, the mayor Massimo Cacciari has warned that the most serious and persistent offenders face fines from £15 to £175.

Already he has recruited a squadron of 70 local volunteers, clad in fluorescent orange jackets, to target transgressing visitors with leaflets that provide clear instructions in five languages on how to behave. These include warnings not to walk around shirtless, not to sit on the steps of historic buildings and not to leave rubbish behind.

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Italy Travel news

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