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Host-Italy, Events & Luxury Travel with a Personal...

Touristclick Italy Travel news

Host-Italy, Events & Luxury Travel with a Personal Touch
Host Italy has now well and truly established itself in the luxury events management market. After launching last year, the company has grown; attracting first-rate partners from all regions of Italy and is primarily aimed at a high-end clientele. Host Italy specializes in exclusive private and small corporate events, destination management services, as well as niche luxury travel throughout Italy.

Founder, 38-year-old Annette Bontke, launched the company last April from her new home in Florence. The neighbouring regions of Umbria and even the city itself, have offered a generous market place in which to promote the business, with opportunities for gastronomy, wine and cultural activities.

Before moving to Italy, Annette has had a life packed with challenges and adventure. At 20 she joined Virgin Atlantic as cabin crew and a few years later went to Herriot-Watt University in Edinburgh to study for an MA in Translation and Interpreting. Satisfying a long-term fascination for everything oriental, Annette decided to leave the UK for Japan to teach English for one year and returned a year later to start a career in the London PR industry.

This lasted eight years where she moved into a variety of senior marketing roles in the Internet and IT business (including UK PR & communications manager for Tiscali and latterly Overture/Yahoo!). In 2004 she decided to leave the UK for good, taking off on an eight-month travel tour of South America before settling in Italy in 2005.

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Italy Travel news

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