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Greece Travel News

Take a time to explore our Greece travel News section before you travel to Greece.

Touristclick Greece Travel news

Greek businessmen interested for investing in Macedonia
Greek businessmen show huge interest for investing in Macedonia, especially in the fields of construction, agriculture, energy and tourism, concurred the participants at Tuesday's Macedonian-Greek business forum organised by Macedonia's Economic Chamber. Oct 2007

Travels in Greece After the Fires: The Good, Bad and Ugly
While Greeks living in parts of the Peloponnese and Evia scorched by this summer’s devastating fires are bracing themselves for massive floods this fall and the prospect that some forests will take at least two decades to grow back...Oct 2007

Favorable tourism trends for Greece
Athens- Greece experienced a 6% rate of increase in tourist arrivals between 2005 and 2007. According to figures from the Institute of Tourism Research and Forecast, the figure becomes 6,5% if land and sea arrivals are included. Oct 2007

Greece: Last minute self catering stay in Zakynthos
Beaches, sea, sand, plenty of places to explore and a great autumn climate are some of the reasons why Brits love holidaying on Greece's many islands. Oct 2007

Greece: Timeless Destination
September 27 is World Tourism Day and Greece ranks in the top 15 destinations worldwide. The Greek tourism sector is a continuous growth market and represents 18% of the country?s GDP, with annual arrivals projected at 20 million by 2010. Sep 2007

WTTC confirms Greece`s tourism good pace
There will be no decline in reservations to Greece neither in winter nor in the next summer from tour operators or from the cruise sector said Mr. Jean Claude Baumgarten, President of the World Tourism & Travel Council (WTTC) after his quick visit to Greece on 6th September. Sep 2007

Adventures you Could Think of Undertaking in Greece
Greece is a land of mysteries, mythologies, tales of man’s ancient past and the immense developments it has garnered over the last three millenniums. It is known for having had a thriving economy, magnificent beaches, some truly world class Greek hotels and an unparalleled hospitality to offer, since graduating to be a modern European state. Sep 2007

Greece - the Most Admired Land on Earth
Greece is widely regarded as the place where the western civilization was born many centuries ago. It is widely acknowledged as the guiding force that has driven the human civilization for over 2500 years now. It is also the place where three continents, namely Europe, Asia and Africa, and three varying climatic conditions submerge into one. Sep 2007

Flavors of Greece come to downtown
If you just can't wait for the 37th annual Greek-American Festival to open at 4 p.m. tomorrow, take heart - you don't have to. Festival organizers at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral in downtown Toledo have added a new feature this year that they're calling a business lunch. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. tomorrow...Sep 2007

Greek islands grow in desirability
Improved communications and transport networks on the Greek Islands have led to growth in Greece property investment. Regeneration investment carried out in preparation for the 2004 Olympics, coupled with a growing economy, and increasing tourism figures, have further strengthened the Greece property market. Sep 2007

Greece heads to the polls
Greek voters went to the polls on Sunday to elect a new government in what was expected to be a close call race for Prime Minister Costas Carmanlis' conservatives in the aftermath of a national fire tragedy. After one of the briefest electoral campaigns in decades, pollsters anticipated a neck-and-neck race between the ruling New Democracy party and the opposition Pasok socialists. Sep 2007

The Art of Dining inThessaloniki
Ancient Greeks believed that the arts and gourmet dining were inextricably linked, both satisfying all five senses. In modern Greece, this is still the case in the gourmet capital of the country, Thessaloniki. A number of the city’s museums and art galleries now offer connoisseurs of art and food excellent dining opportunities. Sep 2007

Greek holiday prices plummet
Package holidays in Greece are being reduced in price by up to a third because of fears of forest fires. Last week, the Greek travel agents’ association assured visitors that hotels, museums and archeological sites have escaped the flames and are all operating as normal. However, operators say bookings have been hit. Sep 2007

Greece to create Alexander the Great museum
Greece will dedicate a museum to Alexander the Great in the northern town of Pella, his birthplace and the seat of the Macedonian kingdom that ruled an empire from Europe to India, an official said Friday. Sep 2007

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Greece Travel news

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