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Greek businessmen interested for investing in...

Touristclick Greece Travel news

Greek businessmen interested for investing in Macedonia
Greek businessmen show huge interest for investing in Macedonia, especially in the fields of construction, agriculture, energy and tourism, concurred the participants at Tuesday's Macedonian-Greek business forum organised by Macedonia's Economic Chamber. According to them, the dispute involving the name of Macedonia makes an influence, but it is not decisive for the business.

The political situation plays a certain role. However, despite the name dispute, great Greek companies invested in Macedonia in recent years because they see the interest. The business has its own rules and logic, stated Aris Vlahos, president of International Council of Investors in Macedonia before the start of the forum.

Greece is among the five countries that accomplish highest foreign trade exchange with Macedonia, whereas Greek companies are amongst the most important foreign investors.

Greek investments in past 10 years, being Dollar 284 million, may have been more impressive. Nevertheless, they confirm that Macedonia's economy has potentials that are of great interest for the Greek capital, said Economic Chamber president Branko Azeski in his address at the forum.

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